Types Of Thigh Muscle Exercises And Their Efficiency

Exercises that target more than one muscle group are frequently used during rehabilitation after surgery or injury. Thigh muscle exercises belong to this type of workouts, but they are also frequently performed to lose weight, shape legs and be fit. The thigh exercises we are going to tell you about will help to improve confidence and achieve desired forms.

There are various exercises that can be divided into several primer groups:

* hip extensors – hamstrings;
* hip extensors – buttocks;
* hip flexors – Iliopsoas and Rectus Femoris;
* combined exercises;


Here are the most popular ones:

#1. Hamstring exercises help to strengthen muscles. Lie in a face-down position and place the weight on the ankle. Bend the leg at the knee and then lift the foot. Perform 4 sets of nearly 15 lifts three times every day. Adjust the weight according to your capabilities.

#2. Modified bridge is one of the most popular thigh muscle exercises. To perform it you should lie on you back and bend your knees, putting feet together. Raise the hips in the air, making your body create a straight line. You can lift and lower hips or hold them lifted as long as you can. Repeat the exercise several times.

#3. Short arc extension exercises are done with caution. There are frequent cases, when they cause muscle pain. Sit with your knees in a straight position and with weight on the ankles. Allow your knees bend not more than 30 degrees. After that straighten your knee 15 times.

#4. Standing leg extensions help to strengthen the muscles. Just stand by the wall, which you will use as a support. Engage the muscles in the left leg in order to stabilize yourself. Extend the right leg sideways and backward. Don’t go too far, while straightening the leg backward, because you risk injuring your back.

#5. Clock exercise is pretty popular today and is quite easily performed. Kneel on a mat and keep your body upright with the trunk as well as thighs in a vertical position. Put your arms by your side and create an abdominal push, leaning backward from knees. Get back to a vertical position and then move slowly, leaning backwards as far as it is comfortable for you and as far as you can handle. In case you are frequently suffering from neck or back pain, you should consult your physician whether you can perform this exercise.

#6. Ball squeeze exercises are widely-used today. Both medicine and exercise balls can be easily squeezed with inner thighs. You will feel resistance as the balls will be pushing back. You can exert much pressure, either squeezing the ball for three seconds 10 times in a row or squeezing it consistently. Lie on your back with your legs above the hips. Place the ball between hips and relax the arms to the sides, keeping the lower body on the floor. Squeeze glutes and abs as hard as you can. Then relax the pressure without letting an exercise ball go of. Ball workouts are usually recommended as efficient inner thigh exercises.

Thigh muscle exercises can also be combined. You can enlarge upper thighs and use buttocks or hamstrings. Either move hips up and down or hold them lifted, switching between muscle groups.