Top Best Back Thigh Exercises

If you wish to have beautiful legs, back thigh exercises should become an indispensable part of your everyday life. Unfortunately, there are too many exercise programs today that ignore the back of thigh, though these muscles are important for the beauty and strength of legs.

One of the greatest benefits of these exercises is the fact to perform them one doesn’t need any special equipment, just a chair and mat. The following thigh exercises are the easiest of those that can be done for sculpting beautiful legs:

 №  1 sit on a mat with the back straight and the palms slightly behind, providing support. Lift the right leg and keep it straight, pointing toes straight up. Keep the position for about 5 seconds and repeat the same exercise with the left leg. This exercise tones the back of thighs;
 №  2 lie on your back, putting an exercise ball under the ankles. Pick the largest ball for a better workout. Roll it toward you as far as you can, using your hands. Then roll it back to ankles and repeat the exercise 5 more times;
 №  3 you can kneel on a mat with palms firmly on it and far enough apart in order to provide a good balance. Keeping the back straight, raise the right leg up and hold for 5 seconds. Lower the leg and bring a knee toward the chest. Bring it as far as possible and keep the position for 5 seconds. The same movement should be repeated with both legs. The results are usually not felt right away, but are experienced, when the exercise is repeated on a daily basis.

Cable Kickbacks

These exercises work glutes as well as hamstrings and are easily performed with an ankle strap machine. Just fasten the strap to the right leg and clip it to the setting on one side of the machine. Face the weight stack and, keeping your legs straight, push back and lift the leg in the air, contracting hamstrings. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Good Mornings

These exercises work lower back muscles, butt and the hamstrings simultaneously. They are performed with a barbell across the shoulders. You should stand with feet apart, knees slightly bent and the back straight. Bend forward and push the butt backwards. This is how you will feel a rather strong contraction in hamstrings. Repeat 10 times, but never use a lot of weight.

Cardiovascular Training

45 minutes of cardiovascular training four days a week will help to reduce fat on the body and to speed up thigh slimming. The training should involve contractions of hamstrings. The best back thigh exercises of this kind are running, biking, swimming, climbing, rowing, etc.


The following exercises work in two primer ways: either with a stability ball or a machine. If you choose a stability ball, lie on back and place the back of legs on the ball. Then lift the hips in the air, rolling the ball toward the butt.

If you are about to use a curl machine, lie on the bench with your face down and place the legs under the padded level arm. Grasp the support handles and raise the arm, contracting the hamstrings.

If you are currently suffering from cellulite, back thigh exercises help to reduce its appearance and target the muscles, making your legs beautiful.