Thigh Strengthening Exercises: Effective Workout For A Great Body

To bear the weight of the body and keep balance you should have strong thighs. When the muscles are week they are frequently injured. Jumping and stretching thigh strengthening exercises help to make the muscles less susceptible to various injuries.

There exist numerous exercises that help to improve thigh strength, no matter whether one is involved in sports or not.

Stair Climb

Thigh Strengthening ExercisesPhoto by Glyn Lowe

This exercise is one of the simplest and can be easily performed every day. The workout is very effective and you can even pretend you are climbing stairs. Many choose to do the exercise with dumbbells. Start with your right foot and step on the stair step. Then bring the left foot beside the right one. To continue you should lower the right foot to the floor and do the same with the left one.

For the better result you should perform the exercise for nearly 20 times and then change the legs, making the left one lead.

Frog Stretch
Thigh Strengthening ExercisesPhoto by Jekkone

A frog stretch in considered to be a great exercise, because it works the muscles in the groin area and inside the thigh. Frog strech is one of the most effective inner thigh exercises. Lie on the ground with arms to the sides. Your palms should face upward to the groin. Keep the knees relaxed and hold the position for 10 seconds. Get back to the initial position and repeat the stretch about 10 times.

Plyometric Squat

If you intend to strengthen the muscles, a plyometric squat will become a beneficial thigh exercise for you. Stand with the feet apart and squat down, keeping the knees bent to a 90-degree angle. Jump and land in the same squatting position. Use your leg muscles in order to increase the height of the performed jump.

Always keep your body weight behind you, while jumping. Keeping it in front, you can fall flat on your face. Repeat a plyometric squat 10 times.

Jump Squat

This is one of the most popular thigh strengthening exercises that works hamstrings, abs and buttocks. It is performed either with or without resistance. Stand with your feet apart and act as if you are going to sit down in a chair. Keep buttocks pressed back, abdominal muscles tucked inward and the back straight.

Thighs should be close to parallel the floor. Make a deep breath and exhale, jumping from the floor. Keep your knees tucked up toward the chest. Jump squat should be performed three times per day several times per week.


Many athletes do this exercise to strengthen thigh muscles. As a rule, it is performed with a ball, but its absence won’t influence the result to a great extend. Stand with your legs not apart, but together and step forward with the right foot. Lunge down, letting the left knee touch the ground. Exhale when moving back to the starting position and repeat the same exercise with the left foot. Touch the ground with the left knee. Repeat this exercise 10 times per day for each foot. Make sure that you breath out, when you are moving back to a starting position. This workout is usually recommended as a part of outer thigh exercises program.

Thigh strengthening exercises can be done without going to the gym. Combining them with aerobic activities (jogging and tennis), you can provide some extra benefits and make your legs look great!