Thigh Slimming Exercises: Is it Easy to Keep Your Body in Tonus?

Thigh slimming exercises are aimed at fulfilling your dream about slim attractive thighs. If you are completely upset after girthing your thighs, you finally have to face the truth: certain actions towards improving your body shape have to be taken immediately. Stop dreaming – do something.

Easy steps to make your thighs slimmer:

1. Lie on the floor on the right side with your right arm touching your ear. Place your left leg in front of the right one. Lift your right leg, when it is at the highest hold it there for a while. Then lower and let it touch the floor. Don’t relax and at once lift it again. Make ten lifts and repeat the exercise with your left leg. When you feel ready, increase the number of lifts to 20.

See this video lesson for instructions on thigh slimming workouts:


2. Stand straight with your feet on the width of your shoulders and your back close to the wall. Lift your right knee until your thigh is parallel to the surface and retain this position for about 5-7 seconds. Lower your knee but don’t let it touch the floor. Remain in this position for several seconds. Change legs and make the same actions with your left knee. Change legs three times repeatedly. The number of times can be increased to six.

3. Kneel on four limbs, make sure that your hands are straight under your shoulders and your knees are straight under your hips. Lift your right knee to the side without stretching it out, i.e. in bent state. Fix this position for several seconds. Change legs and lift your left knee. Repeat this exercise for six-seven times. Gradually increase the number of repeats to ten times.

4. Stand straight and bend your knees without letting your feet off the flat surface. Return to the initial position. Repeat at least five times. Keep your back unbent and straighten the shoulders.

As you can see, these thigh slimming exercises are quite simple and can bring along a lot of evident changes to your body.

Diet & Exercises

It ought to be stressed, that any complex of physical exercises should be supplemented with diet. You should take it as a rule – diet and exercises go hand in hand. If you go on eating whatever and whenever you want, the effect of slimming workouts will be minimal or none at all. So it is highly advised to watch your intake and not to eat after six. Of course, it doesn’t mean counting calories in each dish, but at least skip consuming fast-food, eat more fruits, vegetables, grains.


If you feel that you are not ready to embrace any program of slimming exercises, don’t give up. There is a perfect solution devised right for your case. This way out is walking. It is the easiest possible exercise suitable practically for everyone. It stimulates the activity of every muscle in our bodies by rushing a flow of blood from heart to every organ. Walking is a perfect cardio exercise. After practicing walking for several weeks you’ll certainly notice positive changes in thighs and waist.

Remember that only regular thigh slimming exercises will gladden you when you look into the mirror and see obvious result. For more information on leg trainings visit wikipedia muscle toning page.