Thigh Slimming Diet: Learn how to slim, following this 5 simple rules

If you are not satisfied with your thick hips, thigh slimming diet will change the situation. All you have to do is to follow below mentioned recommendations and keep diet.

Thigh slimming diet

Exclude sweets and fats

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Fat is the enemy # 1 in the struggle for slim figure. It can deposit in various parts of the body. However, the most common place of accumulation is your hips. Observing the basic rules of diet you can both get rid of fat in the problematic areaand save the result.

Sometimes people tend to add different fat burner in order to increase the level of metabolism and to speed up the slimming process. In the topic: Finding The Best Fat Burner – To Take Or Not To Take? we’ll discuss about pros and cons of these type of food supplements.

# 1 rule – First you need to minimize the consumption of fats. You do not need to exclude them completely as it can cause vision problems. Give up on margarine, butter, fatty meat, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Avoid excessive consumption of sweets, coffee and tea. Find out additional info about products you should be aware of while keeping thigh diet.

# 2 rule– Enrich your diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Go easy on grape as it contains quite a lot of sugar. Dried fruits will be a perfect snack. Potatoes boiled in their jackets are more healthful. Give preference to brown rice over other cereal. You can allow yourself to eat 1 or 2 slices of bread from wheat flour, but you should forget about buns.

Thigh diet menu

Add fruits and vegetables

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# 3 rule – Replace coffee and tea with non-carbonated mineral water (1.5-2 liters per day). Drink every morning a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of lemon juice. This will bring the toxins out of your body. And, of course, you should give up on alcohol.

# 4 rule – The diet demands reducing of daily amount calories to 1200. Eat small portions of food 4-5 times a day. Do not forget about physical activity and exercises.

# 5 rule -The diet can be diversified with lean fish and seafood (shrimp, squid). You can also eat canned fish – sardines or mackerel, bullocks.

Thigh Slimming Diet Menu:

Breakfast: a toast, one tomato, one apple and a glass of fat-free yoghurt.

Lunch: vegetable salad dressed with lemon juice, 200 g. boiled lean chickens’ meat, tea and a small bun baked from the coarse flour.

Afternoon’s luncheon: boiled egg and vegetable salad.

Dinner: boiled potatoes, vegetable salad and tea without sugar.


Breakfast: oatmeal boiled with milk, one banana and vegetable of fruit or juice.

Lunch: sandwich made from 2 slices of bread and cheese (50g), vegetable salad and grape (50g).

Afternoon’s luncheon: a half of watermelon or melon.

Dinner: lenten soup, an apple, a small bun baked from the coarse meal and a glass of tea without sugar.


Breakfast: 2 toasts, 1 egg and tea with milk.

Lunch: a vegetable soup, a slice of bread and fruit juice.

Afternoon’s luncheon: a medium banana and a glass of drinking yoghurt.

Dinner: four fish sticks on the grill, 2 tablespoons cooked beans, 1 tablespoon green peas and green tea with lemon.


Breakfast: a toast made from bread with a little tomato and cottage cheese (50 g), fruit juice.

Lunch: lean ham (50 g.), vegetable salad, bread and a small apple.

Afternoon’s luncheon: tuna (100 g), vegetable salad, 2 slices of crispy bread and green tea.

Dinner: lean mutton chop (100 g.) cooked on a grill, a portion of mashed potatoes prepared with skim milk, cabbage, a little orange and a glass tea without sugar.


Breakfast: oatmeal cooked with milk, tea without sugar and a small banana

Lunch: chicken braised with vegetables and green tea.

Afternoon’s luncheon: toast made from bread with cheese and baked tomatoes.

Dinner: four fish sticks on the grill, 2 tablespoons cooked beans, 1 tablespoon green peas and a little wine, a glass of vegetable or fruit juice.


Breakfast: a piece of melon and a glass of drinking yoghurt.

Dinner: a lean cooked meat, a pear or an orange.

Afternoon’s luncheon: vegetable soup on low-fat meat, two tomatoes and four toast.

Dinner: pasta seasoned with tomato sauce, garlic, herbs, and finely chopped chicken (50 g), one small banana, a cup of tea or juice.


Breakfast: fruit salad from apples, pears, oranges, bananas, kiwis and raisins seasoned with two tablespoons of low fat yogurt.

Lunch: a portion of the shredded cabbage salad, a sandwich made from a few slices of cheese and lean meat (30 g), one kiwi and hibiscus tea.

Afternoon’s luncheon: toast made from bread with a cheese and baked tomatoes.

Dinner: boiled potatoes with a vegetable salad and fruit juice.

So, you can see that thigh slimming diet is easy to keep and very effective. In addition, you can find a lot of interesting eating plans and different ideas on health diets on