Thigh Muscle Pain – Why Does It Appear?

Everyone is familiar with thigh muscle pain after physical activities, especially if you haven’t trained for a long time. This kind of pain appears 4 or 6 hours after training and the next day it is getting worse. Heaving read this article you will know how to train in a right way and avoid muscle pain.
There are two hypotheses concerning the matter:

#1. Lactic acid may cause such pain because of

* shortage of oxygen for full oxidation of glucose during the muscles workout. That means that muscles are oxidized only partially.
* accumulation of lactic acid results in increasing of concentration of muscle cells cytoplasm.
* water flows to the parts with a higher concentration to dilute. Water comes inside muscle cells and forces them to expand.
* expanding of muscle cells leads to compression of nerve ending and nerves. Pain appears.

#2. Muscles damage may occur

* first of all, don’t worry, muscles are not destroyed
* muscle cells are not destroyed as well
* special organoids, myofibrils, are inside muscle cells, and they are damaged
* some time later muscle cells start repairing, they destroy damaged myofibrils and build new ones. It results in swelling, compression of nerve ending, pain.

How to avoid thigh muscle pain

* Firstly, physical training must be regular. Beginners, who start fitness after a long term of inactivity, will have muscle pain. During the training the body gets used to workout, and it doesn’t result in pain.
* Secondly, don’t work too hard in a gym from the first classes. Increasing of thigh exercises load must be gradual.
* Thirdly, you have to do warming-up before training to warm muscles.

What you should do if you already have muscle pain

1. Firstly, don’t stop the workout! Physical exercises increases metabolism. You just have to reduce the intensity of training.
2. Secondly, it’s good to have a massage. Muscles are in a condensed condition after trainings, and massage helps to relax.

Thigh muscle pain

3. Thirdly, if you have severe pain, take a hot shower as it increases metabolism and helps to relax.
4. Fourthly, drink a lot, because water takes part in metabolism and helps to take byproducts away from the body.

By the way…

Muscle pain can appear after a physical activity in the issue of rupture of muscle. That’s much more serious! It’s easy to distinguish these two types of pain. If pain is a result of overworking, muscles just slightly ache during walking or other types of movement.  If muscles are ruptured, any move causes sharp pain, and you can’t even move. The first type of pain goes away itself. The second type needs doctor’s assistance.

Healthy and slim thighs are a dream of any lady all over the world. And you can have it! Be persistent in your training. Just follow the basic rules for fitness and all physical activities and you will not have any thigh muscle pain.