Thigh Liposuction – Pros and Cons of This Method of Fat Reduction

Thigh liposuction is a method of body contouring by removal of excess fat from thighs. Nowadays there are many techniques to “pump-out” unwanted fat. This cosmetic surgery operation has been known since the end of the previous century. In 1974 an Italian gynecologist invented this method of thigh shape correction. In spite of technical improvements the main principle remains the same. Plastic surgeons remove excessive adipose tissue using a special tube placed under your skin.

Liposuction isn’t a method to lose weight; it’s a means to get rid of fat you can’t remove by doing thigh slimming exercises and while keeping numerous diets. Liposuction is a right way out if you’ve already tried everything and fat on your problem areas still stays there.

This cosmetic surgery operation is popular among women aged from 25 to 45. There are two categories of patients who resort to this procedure:

* Those who are lazy to reduce their weight with the help of thigh exercises and right diets.
* And those people who are very active in sports, who eat well-balanced and healthy food, and who are not overweight. But due to their individual peculiarities of their body and inherited predisposition they just can’t cope with some problem areas.

But before you make your decision, think it over and weigh all pros and cons. Below you have two lists which may help you to decide whether you need it at all.


1. You will finally get rid of fat thighs. And you will be able to wear that short skirt you always wanted to buy.
2. You may have permanent results. According to researches, the quantity of adipocytes, fat cells, remains the same as you had as a child and later it doesn’t change. So thigh liposuction destroys fat cells. And thus you will have less boxes to store fat.
3. You have an excellent opportunity to reduce only those areas you want.
4. You won’t have any visible traces, scars on your skin after liposuction.
5. You rehabilitation term won’t last more than 2 months.


1. Any operation is risky for your health.
2. A chronic illness may reappear after liposuction.
3. Only 2 liters of fat may be “pumped-out”  for one time
4. Undesirable skin depressions may appear after the operation.
5. Age limits.
6. Price. It’s quite an expensive thing and not each can afford it.

But anyway after even a very successful procedure you will have to follow a diet, eat healthy food and be physically active to keep your shape. Remember that thigh liposuction isn’t a miracle cure, it’s a supplement to all you other efforts!