Thigh Exercises: How to Start Your Body Exercise Routine the Right Way

If you are thinking about getting your body muscles toned, then thigh exercises would be the first step to take. Leg muscles are the fastest to respond to training, so seeing the results will make you feel better about yourself, and will help you to have more determination to proceed on to the full body exercise routine. Besides, our daily work depends on the strength of our legs, and it is important to take proper care of them.

It is best to choose an exercise program that will both strengthen and shape your legs. That can be achieved through the exercises routine that gives balanced workload to all leg muscles. However, if during your work day you are mostly sitting, then special attention should be paid to your thighs. Sitting position is not conducive to good blood circulation and without proper exercise routine thigh muscles become flabby. A condition known as cellulite may develop very fast. It is recommended to visit a gym two-three times a week, but if you can’t afford the time, there are exercises that can be done at home with little props.

There are varieties of routines to choose from and most thigh exercises seem easy to perform, but they are very effective. Here are some suggestions:

Warm up your muscles by jogging in place or walking for 5 minutes. Then stretch a little to loosen your muscles and start your routine.

Ex:1. Put your hands on the hips, lift your leg and “draw” a circle around the back of your chair, first in the left direction, then in the right. Keep your knees straight.

Ex:2. Lying on your back, grab your toes with the right hand. (You would need to bend your knee slightly). Straighten your leg without letting go of your toes. Repeat three times for each leg. Rest for 30 seconds and do another set.

Ex:3. Stand up straight with legs together and arms crossed on your chest. Start moving your hips in the circular motion, first slowly, then faster. Rotate 6 times to the right, then to the left.

Ex:4. Lie down on your back and stretch out your hands naturally. Now, pull your knees up, then let them “drop” first to the right and then to the left side. Repeat 8-10 times.

Ex:5. Plies: This is the best exercise that helps to tone up all the thigh muscles, with the benefit of not putting any stress on joints.

Put your feet apart slightly more than your shoulder width. Hold on to a chair for support or place your hands on your hips. Now, take small steps sideways with both legs and turn your feet outward. From this position lower your body down slowly and then raise yourself up and do 30 repetitions, then take a 30 second break and do another set. For the exercises to be effective, you need to do 3 sets.

After you are done with your routine, don’t forget to stretch and massage your legs. It will increase your leg strength and make thigh exercises more effective. You can see some more exercises in this video: