Thigh Exercises for Men: Make your muscles work for you

It is very important to do thigh exercises for men, because strengthening leg muscles will make it easier to perform such tasks as walking, running, jumping, biking and any other activity requiring movement on our part (almost everything). Aside from building up strength, performing thigh workouts will also help men to get rid of any unwanted body fat accumulated in those areas. Once you will have more leg muscle mass, your resting muscles will be able to burn more fat. Let’s take a look at some leg and thigh exercises by performing which daily you will be able to strengthen your muscle and lose any unwanted inches of your thighs.

4 awesome thigh workouts you can do at home:

1. Leg lunges

Leg lunges are extremely effective and safe in exercising your thighs.  To start this exercise, get a dumbbell in each hand; keep your arms down parallel to your sides. Make a smooth lunge of your leg forward, and then bend it in its knee when you step down on the floor, forcing it to carry the weight of your body. Then return to your initial position and do the same motion with the other leg. Try doing it 7 – 10 times for each leg.

2. Stairs

If you live in a house with stairs, why not make a good use of them? If you are watching TV, why don’t you go up and down the stairs every commercial break? Not only you will shape your thighs, but you will also work your cardio and strengthen your stamina.

Here is a small video lesson on the subject of legs workouts for men:

3. Squats

Squats is one of the most popular thigh exercises for men. Doing squats is very effective and safe. Quads and other thigh muscles are strengthened by doing this workout. To start, keep your legs apart slightly wider than the shoulder-width and your toes facing slightly sideways. Start lowering yourself by bending your knees and keeping your body upward.

To make it more challengeable you can take couple weight plates and place them on your shoulders. While supporting the plates with your both hands start performing squats very slowly. You will instantly fell the burn in your thighs. Remember not to strain your knees while performing this workout.

4. Wall sit-ups

This exercise used to be a form of punishment for players who showed up for practice late. But it is also a great workout for toning (punishing) your thighs.  All you need is to find a flat wall and lean flat against it with your back. Then start sliding down with your back against the wall until your knees reach 90 degree angle, and then freeze. Hold this position until your thighs start to really burn. Hold it for another 30 seconds and return to the initial position. Repeat and burn. This exercise will provide nice punishment for your thighs.

These simple, yet very beneficial thigh exercises for men will make leg muscles strong and more defined, and will improve so much vital to us mobility performance.