Thigh Exercises At Home To Make Body More Flexible

Good figure and slim body require lots of efforts. That’s not so easy to be fit, and if you are a busy person, that is twice harder for you to find appropriate time for fitness, gym or yoga. Even when you have little time, you can perform thigh exercises at home while multitasking. They do not require special equipment or lots of time. Performed on a regular basis, they target calf muscles and thighs.

Video lesson on leg exercises

# Making Inner Thigh Firmer

Lie down on the left side, supporting your head with a rolled up towel. Maintain this position and bend the right leg, bringing it in the front of the body. Inch the left hand off the ground to nearly 6 inches and maintain the position for a minute or even longer, if you can, of course.

Bring your left foot down until it touches the floor and take it back to the original position. The exercise should be repeated nearly 10-12 times on each side. It is performed by people, who wish to firm their thighs, making them strong. Being very effective, this is one of the best thigh exercises at home.

# Thigh Kicks

The following workout doesn’t require special efforts and can be performed when you have some free time. Place a chair in front of you and put your hands on its back. Try to lift yourself, while standing on the balls of feet. While performing the exercise, tighten the stomach muscles. Point your toes, keeping them in such position till the end of the exercise.

Taking your right leg, cross it in front of the left leg and the whole body. Swing the leg to the side, do not letting it swing on accord. Repeat thigh kicks about 10 times and do the same on the other side.

# Tone Your Thighs

This exercise can be performed, when you are watching your favorite show on TV or cooking. As it requires a prop, use a couple of pillows, a stability ball or a stool. Sit on the floor, placing your hands behind. Sit up tall with legs extended straight out in front of you more than hip-distance apart.

The prop should be placed between the ankle bones, and the feet are to be flexed to 2 inches off the floor. Squeeze the prop for 20 seconds. Such isometric contractions are pretty effective for strengthening and toning the muscles.

# Stability Ball

Stability ball is the tool one uses, while performing a thigh exercise. Lie down on the floor on your back and place the ball between lower legs. Support the ball with your feet and, balancing it, apply pressure on both sides.

Hold with applied pressure for 5 seconds and release. Repeat a stability ball exercise 10-15 times either in a lying or sitting position. Keep your back straight regardless of the position you choose.

# Butterfly Stretching

Sit down on a mat, joining the soles of feet together. This position will open up your legs. The knees of the legs will be in mid-air, but your task is to try to low them down, making them touch the ground. This is how you will feel stretch in inner thighs. Butterfly stretching is excellent for stretching, toning and making the body much more flexible.

Any of these thigh exercises at home can bring positive results. Just pick one and benefit.