“Stretching” For Success: Thigh Exercises With Resistance Bands

If you think that your thighs are out of whack, or in need of little toning, then you should look into thigh exercises with resistance bands.

Thigh stretching exercisesPhoto by PictureYouth

One of the greatest things about resistance bands is that if used properly, they could become a great alternative to most of the heavy workout equipment used in the gym. Their portability is another great feature – you can take them virtually anywhere you go. Another great thing about resistance bands is that when used during an exercise, the resistance is constantly maintained throughout the whole motion enabling you to sculpt your legs and body more intensely. With the variety of training programs and wide array of exercises you will be able to shape up your body any way you want it.

Before you get resistance bands, remember: their resistance varies, so get one according to your strength. Here are some resistance bands techniques and exercises for you to try out.

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Tone your thighs with the resistance bands

#1. Get into position

* Take a hold of both handles of the tube, and then step on it in the middle with both feet put together. Make sure that the tube is perfectly in the middle of the sole of your shoes.

#2.  Execute series of thigh exercises with resistance bands

* Gather the handles together, and grab just below the handle and pull the tube close to your stomach; keep it tight.
* Start stepping from side to side, and if your tube has greater resistance, your steps should be smaller, is smaller resistance, your steps will be wider. You can even do 2 steps to one side, and 2 to the other.
* As you do this you got to keep breathing, and keep the knees slightly relaxed. If you really want to feel the burn, pull up the tube harder. Make sure that your shoulders are relaxed, and the neck is straight and with no tension.

Do a set of 20 side-to-sides or as many as you feel comfortable with.

#3.  Exercise for advanced thigh toning (same initial position like in a first exercise)

* Begin by smoothly squatting back to the heels, maintain your feet apart at a hip distance.
* By holding handles in both of each hand separately, slowly pull them up to the shoulder level. Make sure that your wrist doesn’t bend (keep the wrist lined up with the back of the arm).
* Start by squatting back, and then complete by doing a power lunge to the side (must be done in a smooth motion), then switch to the other side.

Try to accomplish at least a set of 10 for each side, then take a break and go for another set.

These simple, yet very effective thigh exercises with resistance bands will tone your leg muscles and build up you endurance and stamina. Make sure you always keep your posture right, and never forget about breathing in accord with the moves.