Set of 5 Exercises for Thighs You Can do While Watching TV

If you don’t have much time for fitness routines, exercises for thighs that can be done while watching TV may seem very appealing. No matter whether you choose to do these exercises during commercials, or even while engrossed in other programmed content, you will notice improvement as you keep at this exercise program. As an added bonus, if you tend to snack while watching TV, doing exercises instead will provide a valuable substitute.

Exercises for thighs while watching TV

Replace snacks with exercises for thighs while watching your favourite TV shows

Five Essential Exercises for Thighs

If you are interested in simple, inexpensive thigh workouts that can be done while watching TV, the following 5 might hold some appeal for you:

Lunges – simply stand up straight, and lunge forward while keeping your arms at your side.  Ideal for commercial breaks or during portions of a program that are boring.

Scissors – Lay straight on one side, and simply lift upper leg while keeping it straight, then return to origin position.  Repeat on other side.

Knee kicks – Sit up straight, and kick your legs out from the knee.  If you have a portable mini-exercise bike, you can also use that while watching TV.

Leg raises – Sit near the edge of your seat and raise one leg at a time, or both together. You can keep your knees straight or bent, as long as the main muscles used are in your buttocks and thighs.

Resistance sitting – Sit up straight at the edge of your seat, with feet firmly on the ground. Push against the floor with your feet as if you are going to stand up, but remain sitting, then relax and repeat.  You should try to hold the tense position for at least one minute.

Effects of Watching TV on Your Health

Many people that spend too much time watching TV tend to think that there is no relationship between this activity and getting less exercise.  A study conducted by Frank B. Hu clearly indicates that diabetes and obesity are closely tied to TV watching.  This particular study tracked over 50,000 initially healthy women who were tracked for six years.  During that time,  almost 8% went from normal weight to obese, and several were diagnosed with diabetes.  Each of the women diagnosed with obesity or diabetes tended to watch more TV than those who remained in good health.

Perhaps it can be said that the act of watching TV is not a bad thing. Rather, it is the lack of motion when you are watching TV combined with the tendency to snack.  Even though it tends to be difficult to break this pattern, making use a few exercises for thighs while watching TV can halt this process and also help you gain an increased level of fitness.

Photo by Grzegorz Chorus