Set of 5 Exercises For Inner Thighs That Bring Fast Results

Inner thigh area is a problem zone for many people, who are trying to slim down and shed extra pounds. The problem is that there are only few exercises for inner thighs you can do to attain the desired effect. Let us take a look at the 5 best thigh exercises you can do to fix this problem and slim down your inner thighs fast.

1. Squats

Squats are really versatile type of exercises. To slim down your inner thighs you should do wide stand squats. Here is how they go. You stand up and set your feet widely apart. Then you slowly start doing squats. You do not need to aim to sit down really low. Just slowly count to five and lower your buttocks one foot down. You stay in this position counting to five. Then you slowly start going up, again counting to five. During the entire exercise you’d feel your thigh muscles strained.

2. Ball squeeze

You need to sit down to do this thigh exercise and you need to get a ball for it, too. It should be firm football size ball. You sit down and align your knees with your hips. You put the ball between your knees. Then you start squeezing the ball with your knees. At this you feel how your inner thighs work out.

3. Ball squeezing squats

Basically, now you combine the two above described exercises for inner thighs. You get the ball between your knees, but instead of sitting down, you stand up. You squeeze the ball with your knees and simultaneously start doing the slow squats. You slowly lower your buttocks, stay fixed in that position for a moment and then slowly regain vertical position. All this time you keep on squeezing the ball with your knees.

4. Lying Down Flaps

There are two positions you may use to do the inner thigh flaps. One of them is lying down. You lie down on one side and bend the lower leg in the knee. Then you start doing flaps with the upper leg. You may either do them in fast pace and short amplitude, but avoid two legs touching. Or, you may do slow flaps with large amplitude, but every time you reach the top upper position, you should fix the leg there and count to 3.

5. Flaps on all four

Stand on all four and do the side flaps with the bent leg. Basically, you just move your bent leg up and down only sidewise. Again, you can do fast pace flaps or slow pace and wide amplitude flaps to get your inner thigh muscles working out.

As you may see, the above described exercises for inner thighs are pretty basic and simple, but very effective. If you do them daily, you can get great results of slimming down your thighs fast. You might find interesting this video with 5 minutes inner-thigh workout. We have also added a BMI calculator, so you may check your own results here and see if your weight is normal or not.


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