My Weight Loss Success Story: How to Slim Down Thighs in 6 Weeks

If you are struggling with excessive weight and dream to find an acceptable way to shed pounds, there is good news for in you here. I have purposefully did not use the words ‘easy way’, but ‘acceptable’ instead. There may not be an easy way to do so, but from my weight loss success story you can find an acceptable and even enjoyable way to shed pounds and slim down in your thighs.

I won’t start here by giving some practical tips on thigh diet or thigh exercises to slim down your hips. You may already know many and you will find some later in this post. What I want to start with is the cause, the reason why you wish to slim down. Digging this reason out and fixing it means the difference between failure and success. At least, it did for me.

My weight loss success story

Every weight loss success story starts from love

Now, the trick is that most people want to shed pounds, because they feel ugly, fat and dislike themselves. That is why they believe low calorie diets can do it. They seem to be punishing their own bodies for being ugly, instead being attractive. If that is where you start, you are doomed to failure. Yes, you may shed pounds, but would surely gain them back in the future.

So, what should be your motivation in losing weight? As it was with me and should be with you – it has to be love. Right, you have to start loving yourself to start shedding pounds. What is the trick? It’s simple. Why did you get those extra pounds and how did it happen? In most cause, you got them, because you did not love yourself enough. If you have loved yourself, you would have taken good care of your body. You would not have fed it with all sorts of junk food; you would have given it enough of natural activity to burn the calories, etc. But you did not simply because you did not love yourself enough. Now’s the time to change your motivation.

Believe me you do not need a strong will power or lots of discipline to start shedding pounds. I did not need them for my weight loss success story. All you need is true love and respect for your own body and your own self. And, this love includes drinking up enough clean water during the day; it includes making healthier food choices; it includes getting yourself enough activity to keep you strong and burn the calories consumed during the day. But, all these things come naturally and easily, when you love yourself.

See the difference?  You do not start loving yourself after you shed pounds. You do it before and you shed pounds as a result. And, you do it more easily, as you do not try to punish your body with a strict diet or extreme workouts. You respect it and do what is good for it.

And now is time for some practical tips about workouts and diet:

Here is my exercise plan for a week:

30 minutes of cardio activities (running or swimming in the pool) in the morning – 5 days per week.

40 minutes of thigh exercises and exercises for stomach and thighs in the evening – 5 days per week.

It is very simple and doesn’t require a lot of time. You can do all workouts while watching your favourite TV shows.

What for my diet, there are some simple rules to follow: I have excluded bread and salty products (sausage, salt cheese, chips and crackers). My breakfast usually consists of yoghurts with raisins and cereals – very delicious and healthy. Notice, you should weigh your helping of food every time. And it weight should not exceed 0.3 kg or 0.66 lbs. You may consider it unusual, but it really helps to make your waist slimmer. The last important rule: your should never stay hungry – eat at least 5 times per day. Drink a lot of water and herbal tea.

So, as you can see it is not so hard to slim down. My personal result: 22 pounds in 3 months. Yes, in my weight loss success story, I did not shed pounds fast. But, that is not good or healthy for you. Aim to make a gradual but steady progress and you can do it.

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Additional tips on thigh slimming: