A Mini Guide on Thigh Exercises For Women At Home

In springtime we have another good reason to think about thigh exercises for women at home. If you choose the right complex of exercises after 1-2 months you can already expect good results. Here we show you the set of 4 simple exercises that will help you to be in good shape.

Any exercise program, no matter whether it is an exercise for the thighs and buttocks, or exercises for the back, you should start with a little warm-up, so that the muscles would be prepared for the stress. This will help you to prevent injuries and sprains during training.

  • 1. Forward Lunges.

Place your feet shoulder width apart. Take a step forward keeping your back in an upright position. Bend forward leg at the knee to an angle of 90 degrees or close to this. Push the front foot off the floor and return to starting position.
Make 4 sets of 10 exercises (2 sets for each leg).

  • 2. Hips turning.

Lie down on the floor and bend your knees. Put your arms on the floor along the body. Turn both legs slowly in right and then in the left side trying to touch the floor. Your body at that time remains still.
Make 3 sets of 20 exercises.

  • 3.Squatting

Another one of thigh exercises for women at home that helps your hips to become thinner is squatting.
Put your legs hip-width apart and feet parallel to each other, arms down.
On the exhale squat, making sure that the feet are parallel and never left the floor. Put your hands forward. Breathe in and return to starting position.
Make 3 sets of 10 exercises.

  • 4. Slopes with dumbbells

Slopes with dumbbells is a good exercise for the buttocks and posterior thighs.
Put your feet in width of one foot and in this position slowly move the dumbbell down until it touches the floor. Hold your chin up. Try to bend your knees as less as it is possible and tilt the body forward. Make 15 lifts. 5 sets of this exercise will be enough to strengthen the back of the thighs and buttocks.

At the end of training you need to relax all the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Proper relaxation will minimize discomfort and your muscles will not hurt so badly the next day.

Start with 3 workouts in a week. It will give your muscles time to rest but still will make them stronger and you happier with your new look.

Be active, do this thigh exercises for women at home with a little persistence and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.