Learn Here 3 Most Effective Thigh Exercises For Women

Most of women are concerned about their shapes. Well-looking and energic people are considered to be more successfull and attractive. So, we’ll talk here, how to reduce fat on the hips. There 3 simple and effective thigh exercises for women that will help you to sculpt beautiful and sexy legs.

Every woman wants to look healthy and pretty. But health and beauty are not always given by nature; more often they come as a result of long-term, systematic effort to improve your body and health.

 Exercise #1: Lie on your right side. Lean on the elbow of one arm and place your second hand in front of you. Bend your legs at the knees to an angle of 90 degrees. Raise your left leg as high as it is possible – exhale, then put it down to the starting position and inhale. Make 2 sets of 10 exercises. Turn over to the other side and do the exercise with your right leg. Make 2 sets of 10 exercises for each leg.

This exercise trains the outer surface of the thigh, which many women consider the problematic area. If you want to get the maximum effect, watch your hips and shoulders – they should stay on one line. Also you should relax your knee and toe when you swing your leg in order to make to work exactly those muscles that need to be tighten up.

Exercise #2:  Another good and effective thigh exercises for women is pedaling.

Lie down on your back and pretend that you are riding a bicycle. But the main emphasis make on the thigh muscles. Leg muscles should stay absolutely relaxed. Do this exercise in a very fast pace. Begin with 40 moves. Little by little increase the pace bringing quantity of thigh exercises up to 150. Take a little time to rest between sets.

 Exercise #3: Lie down at the floor. Raise your legs to a straight angle; bend your knees a little. Muscles should stay absolutely relaxed. In this position cross your legs. Your left leg should be over the right leg then wise verse – left leg under your right leg. Do this exercise in fast pace. And remember to keep the muscles relaxed.

 Remember: if you want to make your thighs thinner you should avoid squatting and muscles stress. These exercises will help to make your legs stronger but not thinner.

After all, simple but effective exercises at home for just 20-30 minutes a day – it is easy for you and useful for the body! So make sure you do these thigh exercises for women at least three times a weak and your body will appreciate it.