Know 10 pool exercises for buttocks and inner thighs without equipment

Now, then we can actually feel the forthcoming arrival of summer, it is important to have a fixed look at our bodies. It is well-known that the most women of the world are not satisfied by their buttocks and thighs. That is why it is inconceivably important to see them in proper perspective to understand what measures should be taken to bring them into perfect state. Here we shall call your attention to the ten pool exercises, which should help you acquire the buttocks and inner thighs of your dreams in a short period of time and even without any equipment.

  • The first well-known exercise may be called as „marching in water“. It is a very simple exercise, which can be easily done even by a small child, but at the same it is a very efficious pool exercise. All that is required from us is to make continuous steps in water trying to extend our arms and legs as far as it is possible at the very moment. You should strive for a balanced uninterrupted walking for at least five minutes, but at the same time you should take into account that the water resistance will retain your walking in slow motion.
  • The second pool exercise, in which we can easily use the force of the water resistance as well, is jumping jacks. In spite of the fact that it is a very funny and childish exercise, it works miracles. You have to put your feet flatwise on the pool bottom and to ease your arms down by your sides. After that you must jump as high as you can, trying to expand your legs in breadth of your shoulders. At the same time your arms should clap together above your head. By the next time you should revert to the initial position.
  • Doing the third exercise you must set your back and arms against the flank of the pool. After that you should try to pull your legs to your chest and again back into an upright position without touching the bottom of the pool even once.
  • By the fourth pool exercise you have to turn yourself to the flank of the pool. You should capture the margin of the pool side with your hands and set your legs against the flank, pulling them to your chest when you sniff. But by the time when you breathe out, try to to pull your butt as far as you can and by sniffing try to revert to the initial position.
  • The fifth exercise is a very simple one. All you have to do is to clasp yourself to the pool side and by turns to draw your left leg to the left side without any bending. After some seconds return your left leg back and repeat the same thing with your left leg for several times. After that carry out the identical moves only  directed at right with your right leg for a number of times.
  • Proceeding to the sixth exercise you will be asked to revolve your hip in water. You have to sink your whole body a little bit and after that to start to rotate your hips slowly, trying to escribe an imaginary circle to the right and after ten reiterations to the left.
  • Performing the seventh pool exercise all you should so is to press yourself to the pool side firmly, to bend your left leg and to turn it smoothly and slowly at first to the left and after that to the right. When you have done it for ten times with your left leg, you should carry out the same movements with your right leg.
  • At the same time are all familiarized with the excellent influence of the squatting on our legs. But try only to imagine, which effect will be achieved, if you try to repeat the same simple squatting in a pool. We shall reach double effect due to the water resistance. And in that it will consist our eighth exercise.
  • The ninth exercise will include jumpings. Fold your arms on your chest , but not to close to it. You should try to reach your arms by each your leg in turn while you are jumping.
  • After the whole complex of pool exercises for buttocks and inner thighs the tenth exercise will be aimed at relaxation of your whole body. Imagine that you are a bit of fluff and let your beautiful and slim body drift on the surface of the water without any brusque movements.

I wish you a merry summer full of sun and love and keep your buttocks and inner thighs in good shape.