Inner Thigh Workouts: Learn to Move Like Ballet Dancers

Even though you may start out with heavy or fat upper legs, inner thigh workouts can improve flexibility as well as help you to move more gracefully.  As an added bonus, if you tend to have little strength in your legs, working on these muscles will also improve your endurance while walking, running, and pulling objects.  No matter what your current age or physical condition may be, you should always include toning and strengthening exercises for your inner thighs.

Improve Flexibility Pilates Style Exercises
Inner thigh workouts

When it comes to developing inner thigh muscles, you will find that improving flexibility often represents a key stumbling block.  Aside from trying to find warm up exercises that address these muscles, it will also be of some help to make use to add Pilates elements to your workout.  According to a study published by  Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, there was a clear increase in flexibility when participants in the test group made use of Pilates work outs.

While participants in the study did not experience weight loss or significant increases in muscular strength, using Pilates exercises can still open a door to increased mobility.  This is especially important to consider if you have injuries or other joint issues that prevent you from moving as gracefully as you wish.   As may be expected, if you are trying to regain mobility after being in a wheelchair or even confined to bed, increased flexibility will always be of help to you.

Home Equipment Options

Regardless of whether or not you are planning to use Pilates as part of your thigh trimming and strengthening agenda, there are some home exercise items that are very important to have on hand. This includes resistance bands, dumb bells, ankle weights, and some type of exercise bike.  If you cannot afford a full sized stationary bike, a mini bike will work just as well.  In addition to being less expensive, you can easily use a mini bike while you are sitting at your desk, watching TV,  or even eating a meal.

Once you try to start building inner thigh strength, you are bound to feel daunted when you cannot do scissors, lunges, or squats properly. In many cases, you will find that a lack of joint and muscle flexibility will cause the most problems.  Unfortunately, if you cannot optimize inner thigh motions, you will never be able to build strength, let alone move with all the grace you desire.  Today, Pilates can help you gain inner thigh flexibility safely and efficiently.  If you are truly committed to making the most of inner thigh workouts, you should add at least a few core Pilates exercises to your routine.

Segal, NA, The effects of Pilates training on flexibility and body composition: An observational study, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Volume 85, Issue 12
Photo by Cillian Storm