How Can Thigh Pilates Be Beneficial For You?

Thighs are known to be the most problematic area of many women, that’s why performing thigh pilates is the way to go. The best thing about pilates exercises, is that they are designed to effect multiple core muscles for a balanced development of the whole body. It’s been confirmed that those doing pilates workout, become stronger, leaner and are able to do everything with grace and ease.

Another great thing about doing pilates workout, is that you can do it virtually anywhere. All you need is a little space, a pilates work mat, and the presence of a flat surface.

But before you actually do any thigh exercises, you must know and recognize these 8 pilates rules:

1. Relax, keep the strain out of your body.
2. Focus – your mind shapes your body.
3. Breathe correctly – you should breathe from your diaphragm.
4. Keep good body posture.
5. Center your body to avoid injuries.
6. Harmonize you movements with your breathing and body posture.
7. Move fluidly with grace and control.
8. Gradually increase the strength of your muscles. Do not do exercises for which you don’t have the strength.

(Find additional info about pilates on wikipedia pilates page)

Here are some pilates exercises which will tone and strengthen your inner and outer thighs:

Pilates Genie

This thigh pilates exercise doesn’t only work your thighs, but in addition it stretches the torso, and tones your abs, arms and oblique.

* Sit yourself up balanced on your knees
* Place your hands on your hips (or you can place them both behind your head).
* Take a deep breath and rotate the hips to engage the mid-section and tighten up the core.
* Then inhale and exhale and slowly lean your body back behind you keeping a nice straight line.
* After you feel the tension in your quads, slowly come back to the initial position.

Keep working on step 5; after you do approximately 6,7 reps, come right back to your knees and do a bow-down motion to the ground with your arms brought forward to perform the stretch. Inhale and Exhale, then slowly return to your initial position (step 1) and repeat the exercise all over again. Accomplish it as many times as you feel comfortable with.

Pilates Leg lifts

This exercise is great for your thighs and glutes.

* Lie on your side with your head propped by your right hand.
* Raise your left leg until it is parallel to the floor.
* Bring your straight forward creating a proper angle to your torso.
* Return your leg to initial position, and from there keep slowly raising it up toward the ceiling until you reach the movement limit.
* Repeat the other side

Carry out 2 sets of 10 for each side. Be sure to breathe correctly, keep a good body posture and move in a graceful motion.
Here is a short video lesson on leg slimming pilates:

Keep doing these two thigh pilates workouts and you will be able to see and feel the results of your hard work within short period of time. Good luck!