HCG Weight Loss – Does it Really Help to Slim Down Fast And Healthy?

There are millions of people out there, who suffer from being overweight and struggle to start shedding pounds easily and fast. So, it is no wonder that HCG weight loss plan has been received as a new miracle in the area of weight loss. Let us take a look at what HCG is and how it works. And, let us find out if this weight loss plan is really healthy.

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Now, HCG is an abbreviation for human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a human hormone found in pregnant women only. This hormone launches a special fast fat burning reaction in the body and helps to supply a pregnant woman and her baby with all the nutrients and fuel they need for functioning.

hcg weight loss

Hcg weigh loss has to be supervised by doctor

You have already figured out, why this hormone is used for weight loss. Yes, it helps to immensely boost up your metabolism. Consequently, you start shedding pounds and do it fast.

There are two ways to administer this hormone: one is through the injections and the other one is taking it orally in drops. There is no solid scientific proof of any positive effects of the drop method, though.

So, does HCG weight loss plan really works and how does it work? Shots of HCG is not all, you have to do during your slimming down plan. You also have to get on a strict diet and follow its plan in a very precise manner. You can and should eat up during the first HCG diet plan days. These few days together with the shots you get, allow to boost your metabolism.

Then for the next month (more or less) you get about 500 calories a day diet. There is only one food you should avoid at all or any combination. That is starch. So, all foods, which contain starch, are banned from your diet. The rest of them are good, as long as you can eat just enough to get yourself 500 calories a day.

Plus, you keep on getting daily shots of HCG hormone. This diet plan has to be daily supervised by your doctor, as it may have certain side effects or negative health consequences. Some people develop allergies for HCG. And, there are some other grave side effects possible. So, you really have to abstain from traveling during this diet time.

According to some doctors, people can start shedding up to 3 pounds a day on this diet. The average result is 1-1,5 pounds per day of the weight loss. So, it does produce some fast pound shedding results. However, some people believe this happens due to very low calorie intake, instead of the ‘magic pill’ work.

As you may see, there are many difficulties and contradictions on the HCG weight loss plan. HCG has not been approved by FDA for weight loss purposes, even though it got approved to be used for other medical purposes.

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