Find Out What Thigh Exercises Are Best For Your Body Type

Here we will learn about the thigh exercises recommended for your body type. But, first let us take a moment and learn how to determine, which body type you have. Some of the workouts help you shape your body in the desired way, if you know your body type and its specific areas to work on.

Body types:

There are four main body types. Even though you may find different names for them, they all describe the same thing. Here they are: Straight, Pear, Curvy and Athletic. You may also find these same body types under different names, such as Hourglass, Spoon, Ruler or Cone. These names are pretty descriptive.

The truth is that you cannot completely change your body type. You have inherited it from your parents on a genetic level. Now, why is it so important to determine, which body type you have since you can’t really change it? Knowing it helps you to go with the most effective work out program and attain the best results through  thigh exercises over  a shorter period of time.

Identifying your body type is mainly done through understanding how the weight is distributed on your body. If you have a pear body type, most of your weight is located in the lower body part. You get the idea.

Thigh exercises for your body type

Hourglass body type:
Thigh exercises
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If you have a hourglass body type (like Kim Kardashian, Monica Bellucci, Scarlett Johanson and many others), you may want to pick certain exercises, which help your thigh to stay fit. But keep in mind that your body weight is more or less equally distributes both on your  lower and upper body part. This means, you should try to balance up exercising both of them.

You may resort to such thigh exercises, as jumping the rope, jogging, biking, walking vertical scissors or single leg lifts.

Spoon body shape:
Thigh exercises
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Since people with this body type rarely have problems with the upper body part, you may just focus on the lower body part exercises. You may use such exercises as jumping the rope, squats, swings, dips, lunges, etc. You may also engage into skating or roller blading.

Ruler body shape:

Thigh exercises
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This is the most well balanced and proportioned body type. This means, you really have to make all your body workout to keep it that way. You should not pay attention only to lower body part exercising, lest you unbalance your shape.

So, you may attend step classes, do squats, leg presses lunges, hand and ankle weights, etc.  to keep your body fit and well balanced.

Cone body type:

Thigh workouts
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People with this body type tend to have lots of weight on their arms, backs and bellies. So, here are some of the workouts you may use to keep your thighs fit, if you have this body type. Those are squats, leg presses, lunges, stepper/stair climbers, leg extensions and leg curls and stationary biking with moderate to high resistance.

As you may see, discovering your body type is essential for picking the right thigh exercises and make a good head away during your work out sessions.