Find Out Here Thigh Exercises You Should Avoid to Prevent Injuries

The purpose of this article is to inform you about common dangers that thigh exercises can cause if doing incorrectly. Here you will find recommendations on specific workouts that will help you to improve your thighs’ shape.

Training should be an important part of your day. But it should not be too much intensive, unless you are a professional athlete.

While performing certain exercises, we rarely think if they are useful for us. Or, on the contrary, maybe they are dangerous to our health and body.

Here is a list of thigh exercises you should be aware of doing without a fitness instructor control. They can really harm your health if they are not performing in right way:

1. Lifting of both legs

Avoid any exercise where you stretch and lift both legs at the same time. Such exercises are often recommended to train the abdominal muscles. But actually it works with the muscles of the thighs and puts strong pressure on the lower back. Read our related article on exercises for stomach and thighs to know about safe methods of belly and hips slimming.

2. Lunges from the starting position on you knees

A lot of people do this exercise lifting the leg too high. It stretches the joints of things and puts a lot of pressure on your lower back and spinal connections.

3. Unbending of the legs from a sitting position

This is a very popular exercise for the front part of the thighs’ muscles. But this exercise creates a serious risk of knee’s injury. The knee is not adapted to such hard work, when all the resistance is concentrated at the ankles while lifting heavy objects from this position. If you have any problems with the knees or during the exercise you use too much weight, you can easily run into serious trouble.

And now we would like to recommend you some alternative exercises that will bring benefits to you and your thighs.

Any training program, no matter what exercise it is, whether they are for the thighs and buttocks or for your back thigh, should always start with a little warm-up. This is to ensure that the muscles are prepared to work.

Unlike previous exercises simple squats and lunges, with or without additional weights, involve the muscles of the legs in much more natural, safer and more efficient way. If you do not have enough strength of leg muscles to do squats and lunges, it is best to start with simple sit-ups on the ball or mini lunges, where you are sitting down only partially and gradually increase range of motion.

Now you know the thigh exercises you should avoid to prevent leg injuries. So, be careful and perform only those workouts that will not damage your health.