Discover Thigh Slimming Action of These 15 Minute Cellulite Exercises

Even though you may detest the sight of cellulite, finding time to do cellulite exercises may not be possible.  Fortunately, if you don’t have time to do a full workout, there are some exercises that can be done in approximately 15 minutes. No matter whether you do these exercises while you are on lunch break, or during private time in the morning or evening, they will tone your body as well as help you get rid of cellulite.  Here are three exercises that can easily be done in just about any location and within a 15 minute time frame:

Romanian Deadlift:

Stand straight with feet parallel to hips, with one dumbbell in each arm.
Lunge forward, but keep arms hanging down at sided, and back straight.
Hold for one count, return to original position, and repeat with other leg.
If you do not have a dumb bell, you can make a fist to create five pounds of tension on your arm muscles.

Reverse Lunge:

Start in same position you would for Romanian Deadlift.
Instead of lunging forward, take one step backward and then bend knees until they are at 90 degrees.
Keep back straight, hold for one count, and then return to beginning position. Repeat with other leg.

Long Leg Scissor:

Lay flat on back with arms to side.
While keeping your back and shoulders flat against the floor, lift both legs at least 12 inches.
Repeat this process 15 times per set.

Along with these 3 slimming workouts you may use anti cellulite cream and do thigh massage every evening to attain better results.

Basic Precautions
Before you start doing cellulite exercises, it is very important to make sure that your muscles are warmed up.  This is especially important to consider if you are going to exercise early in the morning, or after you have been sitting down for some time.  In fact, a study published in the BMJ indicate that knee and ankle injuries were reduced by almost half when athletes made use of a viable warm up program before doing other exercises.

When you choose warmup exercises, you should look for ones that give you a sense of confidence in each muscle in your thighs and legs.  If your muscles feel stiff, or do not respond as easily as they should, it is important to find other exercises that will give you the best chance of reducing injuries.

While cellulite buildup forms a natural part of aging, you can get rid of these unsightly lumps when you make use of various thigh exercises.  That said, if you do not want to wind up with sprained knees or other injuries, you will be well served by making sure that you make use of warm up exercises first.  Once you find a good set of cellulite exercises, you can also look forward to improved muscle tone and agility.

Simpson, Terry, Fitness Magazine