Can Thigh Exercises Without Weights Bring Fast Results?

If you are looking for the ways to make your thighs strong and firm, choose any of the following thigh exercises without weights to achieve the desired results. Though exercises that predetermine the use of weights are generally viewed as the most effective, there are many possibilities to achieve the desired effect without using additional weights.

Grand Plies
Thigh exercises without weights
Photo by Nigel Elliott

These are ballet movements that add external resistance. Additional weight makes the exercise rather challenging, which is not recommended. Performing grand plies exercises on a daily basis, you will definitely feel that your thighs are working pretty hard. Stand with your back straight and legs wider than shoulder-width apart. Point toes outward. Squat down until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Your knees should be placed over ankles. Hold this position for 15 seconds approximately.


This is one of the best thigh exercises without weights. It helps to tone buttock, calf and thigh muscles. Stand upright, keeping your hands at the sides and feet apart. Start lowering to the position that looks like you are sitting in a chair. It is essential to hold this position for 5 seconds and then slowly return to the initial one.
While performing this exercise, keep your back straight. Perform the squats 10-15 times per day. See this related video for detailed instructions on leg exercises without equipment:

Wall Sits

This is a very popular type of squats. All you should do is to stand in front of a wall keeping a 2 feet distance. Then you should lean against the wall, keeping your hands at sides and sliding down until the knees are at a 90-degree angle. When the thighs are perpendicular to the wall and your back is touching the wall, hold the position for a minute and slowly return to the initial one. Performing 20 repetitions and 3-4 sets of wall sits, you will soon feel the results.

Cross-Over Step-Ups

These are traditional step-ups that are performed using either a step stool or a box. While traditional thigh exercises target front and back thigh muscles, these switch the emphasis to inner thighs. For the inner modification it is better to use a staircase. Stand sideways at the bottom of it and rail for balance. Step up onto the 1st stair with the right foot and cross the left leg over the right one, reaching the next stair. Go on reaching the next stairs with the same pattern. Change the positions of legs and start from the very beginning.

Using A Band

To perform the next exercise you need an elastic band. Wrap it tightly around a stationary object and wrap its other end to your foot. Move the leg in the outward direction as far as it is possible and then slowly bring it back to your body. For a much greater effect it is important to perform nearly 3 sets of exercises 20 repetitions each.
Regardless of what exercises you pick, they should be performed about three or four times a week on a regular basis. They help strengthening leg muscles and buttock muscles. So, if you wish to have firm, toned up and strong thighs, these easy to do thigh exercises without weights will become beneficial for you.