Calf And Thigh Exercises: It’s So Easy To Be Fit!

Consistent aerobic exercises make it possible to obtain defined and lean thighs and calves. These are the primer areas on the legs, because they contain main muscles that assist the body with various bearing activities like running, walking and jumping. Their tone can be quite easily improved by calf and thigh exercises that also make the legs look much more appealing than before.

 How To Prevent Injuries?

Even when you are just walking, you are not protected from muscle pain risk and join injuries, but there are also possible ways to prevent the injuries or at least lessen the frequency of their occurrence.

To begin with, you should always wear shoes that are comfortable and fit pretty well. Always replace those shoes that are worn down, because they no longer protect your feet. Shoes with firm arches and those that have lateral support are frequently suggested by specialists. Here you will learn 10 useful tips for choosing fitness shoes.

Always warm up your muscles in order to increase blood temperature and stretch the muscles. In case you experience pain, while performing any kind of thigh exercises, you should stop and consult your physician.

Thigh Muscles And Thigh Exercises

Calf and thigh exercisesPhoto by anieto2

Thighs are not a single entire muscle. They are locates above the knee as well as below the buttocks and are made up of different muscles: hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, etc.

Calf and thigh exercises help to target areas of the thigh, working out the entire area. Stand with your feet apart and place the hands on hips. Your back should be straight and you are to start lowering your body until it is impossible to go further. Try to hold such position for nearly 10 seconds and get back to the initial position.

Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are great for people, who wish to have toned-looking muscles. Weight lifting can build muscle bulk that makes thighs and calves look larger. Such exercises are much better for burning off fat and help legs look toned and slimmer.

Jogging is one of the greatest general cardio exercises. Jogging with quick short strides helps the muscles of the thighs work much more intensely. Swimming is one more effective exercise that enlarges the thighs.

Weight lifting can improve tone and raw strength of thighs and calves. Lift higher amounts of weight with fewer repetitions to strengthen them, and lower amounts of weight in order to improve the tone. Heel raises can also be made much more difficult if you are holding weights in both hands, while performing an exercise.

Heel and toe raises can help in strengthening purposes. In order to complete such exercise, you should stand on the balls of the feet, using a wall as balance. Try to shift the weight and balance on toes, holding firm positions for 5 seconds.

Squatting exercises are a great workout and leg curls focus mainly on hamstrings on the back of thighs, while extension machines work the front muscles.
Depending on what your aims are, you can choose appropriate calf and thigh exercises and start improving the strength of your muscles right away.