3 Simple Outer Thigh Exercises To Make Your Thighs Look Perfect

It is commonly known that outer thighs gradually become bulky and flabby. In order to prevent this and return your thighs into a satisfactory condition, outer thigh exercises have been specifically designed by fitness instructors. To make your thighs thinner it is not necessary to exhaust your body in the gym. Body shaping can be easily conducted at home. All you need to do is make exercises on a regular basis. Of course, after the first attempt you won’t get perfect sexy thighs, but positive results will follow after 2-3 weeks of regular trainings.

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How to firm your outer thighs?

The following exercises will help you to strengthen and tighten your outer thighs and get rid of the so-called “saddlebags”, which spoil the look-out, especially when you are wearing bikini. Start your preparation for summer right away.

Enjoy this video with easy to do at home exercises:

All you need to have for regular thigh exercises is a mat and a step!

1. Lie comfortably on the mat, turn on one side, stretch out your right hand and place your head above it. Place your left hand on the surface in front of your chest. It will help you to steady your balance. Straighten your right leg, bend your left knee and place it on the floor, bend your foot so that it faced the ceiling. Lift your left leg creating a diagonal (angle of 45o) to your bottom leg. Fix for a couple of seconds and return slowly in the starting position. Repeat ten times and change sides.

2. Lie on your mat with your head resting on the arm like in the first exercise. Use your left arm as a support. Bend your left knee slightly, lift your left leg upward and fix in this position. Turn your left leg with toe facing the floor. Exhale and turn your left leg creating a diagonal with your toe towards the floor. Repeat ten times and switch sides.

3. For the next type of outer thigh exercises you’ll need a step: Take a step, stand next to its end, cross your wrists in front of you. Relax your shoulders and tighten your abdomen. Bend your knees and place your left foot on the step. Place most of your weight on the right foot steadied on the floor. Straighten your right leg with pointed toes up and out to the right side until outer hip muscles touch. Simultaneously stretch your arms parallel to the surface. Make a deep inhale and return in the initial position. Alternate legs. Repeat this exercise ten times.

You can change the order of thigh exercises if you wish. If you think that the pressure on thigh muscles is not enough, increase the number of repeats. Combine these exercises with inner thigh exercises to enhance thigh muscles.

Additional tips

In fact, regular thigh-related exercises may not work out for those people who fail to control their food intake. If you consume large amounts of food whenever you want, you’ll hardly be able to shape your body quickly and efficiently. It is recommended to keep to a diet, based on veggies, grains, fruits rich in vitamins and proteins. Let men fall under your nice legs by shaping your thighs with the help of effective outer thigh exercises.